Thursday, September 27, 2007

Riders have departed

Hi there

2 Vitos, A VW Caddy and an airplane from Germany are all on route to the sandless destination of Luderitz.

Forecast is excellent for Saturday & Sunday, plus the tides are spring high for Hennie on his windsurfer. A chop killer for the entry will be in place, so we should see some PB's and possible world records fall again.

Will be in touch soon.


PS - check out windguru for the new forecast for Luderitz Lagoon 2, Namibia.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wind for the Weekend and beyond

Hi there

the winds are looking great for this weekend. tides are high and the track should be smoking!

New people starting the challenge include;

Dirk hanel
Rob Munro
Christian Baret
Hennie Bredenkamp

Will be in touch with more information soon.


Langebaan, 29c and relaxing

Hi there

Everyone is back form Luderitz and spent the day relaxing in Langebaan. Wind forecast for Sat, Sun and possibly monday is looking VERY good.

Will upload photos and more shortly.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Lighter winds today

Winds got to about 30 knotsin the end.

Speeds to be confirmed, but for now....

Alex C - 44kts
Seb C - 43kts
jerome 41kts
Sjoukje - 38kts

All are on the way back to Langebaan and Cape Town. Wind forecast is light for the next few days.


Good Winds Set For Monday

The forecast is looking good for today.

Buoyweather is calling for 28kts so the localised weather should kick in to 40 knots or more. After this the period ahead looks light until next weekend.

Will Sjoukje push 40? Will Jerome sneak one in and take the record?

More later.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Latest Results SUNDAY

Seb Cattelan - NEW WR - 46.71 kts
Manu Taub - PB - 46.08 kts
Alex Caizergues - PB - 45.29
Jerome Billa - PB - 44.41 kts
Taro Neihuis - Not There

Sjoukje Bredenkamp NEW WR - 39.75 kts!

More news to follow all times require ratification.


More High Speeds

Just heard from Alex.

Seb & Alex 46 knots, Manu 45kts, Jerome 43. Sjoukje over 40kts! Times to be checked, will update soon. . . . . . . .

Could be 2 more World Records!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome to the Site for the latest happenings @ the 2007 Luderitz Speed Challenge.

We will endeavour to keep this site as live as possible, but please bare with some delays due to the lack of COMS on the event site.

The waiting period is over and after the first 2 days of the Challenge, we are set to take on 2 new World Records in Kite Speed Sailing.

Alex manages a new Men's World Record 44.55kts and has set his eyes on the French Record (outright) next.

Sjoukje is set to push the 40 knot barrier and become only the 2nd women to do this. She recently increased her World Record to 38.44kts.

However, the rest of the fleet is ready to challenge these new records and the scene is set to create a fantastic oppertunity to push the records furter.