Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome to the Site for the latest happenings @ the 2007 Luderitz Speed Challenge.

We will endeavour to keep this site as live as possible, but please bare with some delays due to the lack of COMS on the event site.

The waiting period is over and after the first 2 days of the Challenge, we are set to take on 2 new World Records in Kite Speed Sailing.

Alex manages a new Men's World Record 44.55kts and has set his eyes on the French Record (outright) next.

Sjoukje is set to push the 40 knot barrier and become only the 2nd women to do this. She recently increased her World Record to 38.44kts.

However, the rest of the fleet is ready to challenge these new records and the scene is set to create a fantastic oppertunity to push the records furter.