Friday, October 12, 2007

Challenge Ends

The first attempt @ Breaking Records in Luderitz is over. A highly successful time for riders for sure. Everyone came back to CPT and heading home from there.

We will keep this updated as and when things happen and news arrives!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sjouke Bredenkamp - OUTRIGHT Women's Record!

Today, the last of the challenge, produced the goods for Sjoukje. Following Alex Caizergues down the strip she produced an epic 42.35kts over the 500m. Winds slamming through @ 40+ and with her 5m Helix she brushed Karin Jaggi's previous best aside with a stunning run.

Also today, her Dad, Hennie Bredenkamp flew down the course and took the African outright record back with a 44.62 kts run adding to his windsurfing record of 42.99kts.

Alex Caizergues pushes his WR to 47.92 kts just shy or the 48kts mark. An incredible feat!

Another fantastic speed from Cape Town based, Italian, Zeno Graziani produced an Italian Record (Kite) 40.93kts. Zeon has been speedsailing for a few months!

Jurgen Geigher produced a personal best and Namibian record of 44.03 making him Africa's 2nd fastest man!

Full results from the event below;

Topspeed Sail Name Nat Equipment Rank
47,920 521 Alex Caizergues FRA F-ONE, ION, OUEST Province, Grab, Placid 1
46,980 513 Manu Taub FRA Radical 1, Naish, EXA 2
46,710 509 Sebastien Cattelan FRA Xelerator, Genetrix, ProLimit, Diekens, Oc 3
44,620 517 Hennie Bredenkamp RSA Naish 4
44,411 508 Jerome Bila FRA Genetrix 5
44,030 511 Juergen Geiger NAM North Kites, Free Air, Ocean Spirit 6
43,370 501 Taro Niehaus RSA Xelerator, Best Kites, Hugo & hugo Toyota 7
42,440 532 Dirk Hanel GER PD, North Kites, Matador, Oakley, ION, Mil 8
42,350 505 Sjoukje Bredenkamp RSA Cape Doctor, Naish, ProLimit, USN, Oakle 9
41,436 9 Matthias Roettcher NAM Thommen, North Sails 10
40,978 17 Hennie Bredenkamp RSA Fanatic 11
40,930 504 Zeno Graziani ITA 12
38,066 507 Rob Munro GBR Naish, Cape Dr., Reef Wetsuits, Viagra 13
36,900 503 Chris Barret BEL 14

The event is winding up tonight, so it has been an incredible month! Many new records, personal bests and more!

Here is to the next challenge!


Monday report

Hi there

there was lighter wind conditons on Monday with speeds between 40-44kts over 500m. Conditions were similar to the previous day but never kicked into overdrive.

We already have strong winds of 30 kts @ 10.30am so are all on standby to hit the strip with super strong winds and flat water at medium tides.

Will report more news as and when it comes through.



Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sjoukje Bredenkamp pushed through the 40kt barrier for the first time! Her new record now stands at 40.23kts over 500m!

Alex Caizergues retakes his World Record with a blistering 47.77 less than 1knot off of the OUTRIGHT record.

Manu Taub moves into the 3rd fastest ALL TIME speeds with a 46.98kts.

Wind on the course was 40 kts.

Alex Caizergues 47.77 new world kite record

Manu Taub 46.98 new personal best

Sebastien Cattelan 46.71 new personal best

Jerome Bila 44.411 new personal best

Taro Niehaus 43.37 new rsa record

Juergen Geiger 43.22 new nam record

Hennie Bredenkamp 42.576 new personal best

Dirk Hanel 42.44 new german record

Matthias Roettcher 41.436 new nam ws record

Sjoukje Bredenkamp 40.23 new female kite world record

Rob Munro 38.066

Zeno Graziani 37.23 new ita kite record

Chris Barret 35.762

Big Sunday!

Early reports are in! Seb & Alex broke the 100km barrier on GPS! Alex appears to have a new World Record, Manu breaks 4 lines in one sandy moment and Taro's butt was almost redesigned.... Sjoukje possibly breaks through 40...

Official news shortly, plus GPS tracks. Winds were about 40kts and 54-56kts max speeds managed.

Sat 6th October

Results as follows:

Sebastien Cattelan 43.302
Alex Caizergues 42.996
Hennie Bredenkamp 42.676
Manu Taub 41.441
Taro Niehaus 41.091
Juergen Geiger 37.046
Zeno Graziani 36.111
Sjoukje Bredenkamp 34.931
Chris Barret 31.687

More wind is forecast for the next few days.


Friday, October 5, 2007

New National Records and PB's!

Sorry for the delay in writing. News has been slow, but winds yesterday presented us with some new PB's and National Records.

Dirk hanel grabs the German outright record
Alex Caizergues gets a new PB
Jerome Bila gets a new PB
Best scores and times as below.

Sebastien Cattelan FRA 46.71 new world kite record
Alex Caizergues FRA 46.58 new personal best
Manu Taub FRA 46.08 new personal best
Jerome Bila FRA 44.411 new personal best
Juergen Geiger NAM 42.986 new nam kite record
Taro Niehaus RSA 42.853 new rsa kite record
Dirk Hanel GER 42.44 new german record
Matthias Roettcher NAM 41.436 new nam ws record
Hennie Bredenkamp RSA 40.978
Sjoukje Bredenkamp RSA 39.75 new female kite world record
Rob Munro GBR 38.066
Zeno Graziani ITA 37.23 new ita kite record
Chris Barret BEL 35.762

All of the guys and girls are there or on route for the blow this weekend. Keep your eyes here!