Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Good 40 kts saturday on the speed strip, however the tide was too high when wind picked up and the run was very chopy.

A lot of good results during this session with new riders coming in.
Alexandre Caizergues enters the "All time" WSSRC top 5 & few national kite records were broken again.

We are busy building a chop killer waiting for the next session, arriving maybe at the end on the week

Stay tuned, record attempt on untill 12th of october

RESULTS 29/09/2007
Men Kitesurf :
1/Alexandre Caizergues�(FR) : 46.22 kts -�Personnal best�
2/Sebastien Cattelan�(FR) : 45.87 kts-�
3/Manu Taub (FR)�: 44.35 kts-�
4/Jerome Bila (FR) : 43.41 kts -�Personnal best
5/Jurgen Geiger (NAM) : 42,99 kts - �NEW kite sailing Namibian & African Kite record
6/Taro Niehaus (RSA) : 42,85 kts -�NEW kite sailing South African record
7/Dirk Hanel (GER) : 40,96 kts -�NEW kite sailing German record
8/Rob Munro (GB) : 38,07 kts -
9/Christian Barret (BG) : 35,76 kts -�NEW kite sailing Belgium record
10/Zeno Graziani (IT) : 35,39 kts -�Personnal best�

Women Kitesurf :
1/ Sjoujke Bredenkamp (RSA) : 37,36 kts -

Men Windsurf :
1/ Mathias Roettcher (NAM) : 41,44 kts -
2/ Hennie Bredemkamp (NAM) : 40,98 kts -

All times WSSRC speed sailing :
1 / Finian Maynard 48,70 kts (windsurf) / OUTRIGHT RECORD
2 / Sebastien Cattelan 46,71 kts (kitesurf)
3 / Yellow Page 46,52 kts (boat)
4 / Alexandre Caizergues 46,22 kts (kitesurf)
5 /Manu Taub 46,08 kts (kitesurf)

I trashed my ankle before racing and am unable to continue, so results will come through as I get them from now on. The internet is terrible in Luderitz, so as and when the calls or SMS's come in, you will know.