Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sjoukje Bredenkamp pushed through the 40kt barrier for the first time! Her new record now stands at 40.23kts over 500m!

Alex Caizergues retakes his World Record with a blistering 47.77 less than 1knot off of the OUTRIGHT record.

Manu Taub moves into the 3rd fastest ALL TIME speeds with a 46.98kts.

Wind on the course was 40 kts.

Alex Caizergues 47.77 new world kite record

Manu Taub 46.98 new personal best

Sebastien Cattelan 46.71 new personal best

Jerome Bila 44.411 new personal best

Taro Niehaus 43.37 new rsa record

Juergen Geiger 43.22 new nam record

Hennie Bredenkamp 42.576 new personal best

Dirk Hanel 42.44 new german record

Matthias Roettcher 41.436 new nam ws record

Sjoukje Bredenkamp 40.23 new female kite world record

Rob Munro 38.066

Zeno Graziani 37.23 new ita kite record

Chris Barret 35.762